About Us

"Take A Risk Or Lose A Chance"

Dedication And Precision.

CliffSide London (CSL), was planned in early 2019. The big launch took risk, dedication and failed projects - until we were finally ready. So we then launched officially in 2020.

The phrase "From the CliffSide" is referenced to represent a "Risk Taker".

"When taking a risk, there is always a chance of success. Grasp on that chance, and if it doesn't work, try again. Keep doing it until you succeed." - Arthur D


Our Workers / Our Goal

All of our workers & manufacturers are motivated to bring in the best experience a customer can possibly have. This is our goal as your go-to premium Clothing Brand. Sorry if we didn't meet your expectations; tell us what we did wrong and we'll do better next time!

Thank you for purchasing if you purchased, and we hope you can come back wanting more! 💕

- The CliffSide Team