CSL Updates

Updates on order delays

Regarding previous order delays we've received a total of thousands even after BFCM, which was very unexpected - we thank you all for these orders daily and appreciate the love! 


However, this increase of orders has resulted in all the shipping of each order be delayed significantly - this is because 80% of stock is manufactured in-house with our team, that is quite small at the moment. Our team are only able to push only so much orders daily, and still need some days off due to the amount of work it takes - some were even working during Christmas 😨


So we really need everyone to be understanding right now. Every order will be shipped and this is guaranteed. 

We're refunding all shipping of customers that have huge delays in their orders, e-mail us for this so we can double check and process this for you.


NEW Product Lines

We have a bunch of products dropping. Tracksuits, hoodies, tees & most of these designs were requested by the community - we for the people!


There will also be an upgrade in every product's quality - we're upgrading our hoodies to 400GSM, a quality that is premium and expensive to obtain - this will all be offered at affordable prices, and we'll also offer discounts every now and then as usual, so watch out for that!

- CliffSide Team 🖤